Bring a Puppy Home

Of course, now the FUN begins!  How do you actually get to be assured that you can be a Forever Family of one of our beautiful “fur babies”?

Puppies are picked in order that the $500 deposits are received (IN HAND). You must choose whether you want a male or female at the time you make your deposit. It pays to get your deposit in early! Some even put deposits in before a breeding!

IMPORTANT!!! Your $500 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. unless of course we are unable to meet your choice in sex.  Your deposit is refundable or transferable to the next litter of that same breeding or a breeding of your choice – but in the next available order.

We take Cash, Credit Cards, money order.

Do You Ship Your Puppies?

We do ship our puppies for an additional cost. We use Delta Airlines, American and United Airlines. The reason for this is that they are totally temperature controlled from the time they are dropped off by us, until the time that they are picked up and in your arms.  Many airlines have them in temperature controlled compartments, except for when they have to change flights.  This could leave them out in the cold or extreme heat on the tarmac for any number of hours.  These guarantee that the puppy will be picked up in a temperature controlled vehicle and transported to the next flight.   We want only the best for our puppies during shipment so they arrive to you healthy and happy!!  These puppies must also have:

  1. a health certificate provided by our vet to travel
  2. airline approved travel crate with a clip on food and water dish
  3. the flight made to travel during a safe temperature

We will provide all of this for you. The normal cost of shipping a puppy is $400-$450.


What Is the Puppy Purchase Process?

After you contact us, I will get in touch with our inquiry form.  I’ll ask you questions about where you live, what is your family like, what your experience with Golden Retrievers is, etc.  After we have gotten to know each other a bit and are both comfortable, I will send you the contract agreement.  This includes the health guarantee, the spay/neuter contract and pertinent information.  Once I receive your contract and deposit you will have secured your pick in the litter.  Pick of the litter is assigned in the order I receive a deposit.  We provide detailed information about the puppies personalities at 6 weeks. You choose your puppy on the day they turn 6 weeks old.  Photos are frequently updated and we offer recommendations for your family based on personality.  Puppies head to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

What's Included?

Your puppy goes home with a bag of food to mix with the food you’ve chosen.  This helps his stomach adjust without upset.  He will have had his first set of shots and been dewormed.  A COMPLETE exam by the vet and a copy of his vet records and health guarantee head home with you.  Upon confirmation of spay/neuter from your vet we will send you the AKC limited registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to place a deposit?

It is entirely up to you. Placing a deposit assures you a pick from my current & upcoming litters. It is a non-refundable deposit. 

I am also EXTREMELY communicative with my puppy families and you are able to experience the puppy process every step of the way.

We require a $500 deposit and cannot hold a puppy until I receive a deposit. I will allow three business days to receive the deposit if you are mailing it — if you think it will take longer to get here, please let me know so that I do not think you have a changed your mind.

Why should I place a deposit now before the puppies are born?

Our Puppies are in high demand.  Some may find it hard to believe but our puppy price is very reasonable for an English Cream Golden Retriever.  In order to be absolutely certain you receive one of our next puppies – don’t delay, reserve now.

If the sex you have chosen is not available when the litter is born you have two choices.

#1 you may have a refund of your deposit

#2  You can transfer your deposit to the next litter and move to the next available in the pick order.

Breeding Rights?

We sell our puppies on AKC Limited Registration with a spay/neuter contract which means they can not be bred.  In very rare instances we are willing to discuss FULL registration.

How much are your puppies? Are they AKC registered?

Our puppies are all AKC registered and priced at $2800

Why are your puppies so expensive?

Believe it or not, our pricing is in the moderate range for English Cream Golden Retrievers.  The upfront cost of buying one of our impeccably bred, pedigree dogs may actually save you money in the long run.  Our health guarantee is in place because we stand behind the health of the dogs we breed.  You will save money on high cost vet bills for chronic illnesses and deformities like hip dysplasia that plague Golden Retrievers.  You are also saving yourself from the heartbreak of losing a dog young to cancers and other health issues.

How often do you have litters?

We have litters annually.

Can we come meet you and visit the puppies?
Yes!  We love to meet our families and welcome visitors.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let the families of our previous pups do the talking!

We brought home a very special puppy a year ago that has become a beloved member of our family. It is very evident that through thoughtful breeding, Wilson is an extraordinary dog. It is evident that he was lovingly handled and cared for from day 1. Not only is he completely healthy and beautiful, he also has the most mellow and loving temperament. He is smart and has been highly trainable and eager to please. Thank you Beloved English Cream Goldens for giving us such a special Wilson to love.
The Schrock Family - El Dorado Hills

We love our big baby Hudson! He was the biggest of the pack and now is almost fully grown at 85lbs. He is super sweet and LOVES attention. The kids are always petting and playing with him and he wants more. He has a calm sweet temperament.  He does love to chew so we have learned to hide our shoes!! Tezra was great and let us visit a few times before making our choice. I think the pups were well socialized with the family before we took him home. I would highly recommend Tezra’s pups! 
The Sorgea Family - Granite Bay

We purchased our dog Winston from the Williams family in December of 2014.  We were able to visit their home and choose our puppy 2 weeks before bringing him home.  Tezra was very knowledgeable about the personalities and temperaments of each of the puppies that were for sale.  The puppies were all out in the yard playing freely and we also got to meet their mom, Sadie.  With Tezra’s information, we decided on the puppy that was right for us, and 2 weeks later we brought him home.  On that day, Tezra gave us shot records for Winston to give to our vet, and she also provided us with some of the dog food that Winston was currently eating to help with the transition to a new home.

In his first few months at home, Winston was busy learning all the things a puppy needs to know!  We took him to puppy classes so he could grow up to be a great family dog.  As pet owners, we learned SO much in these classes!  You think it’s for the dog, but it trains the owner as well!   We also practiced leash training with him, and helped him get his potty training all sorted out.

Winston is now over a year old, and he is smart, silly, and affectionate!  He gets along great with our children, who are 8 and 10, and he thinks EVERYONE is his friend. He has puppy behaviors, like chewing things that aren’t meant to be chewed, but that is to be expected.  We have lots of toys and bones for him and he plays all day with our other dog, which helps to burn off some energy.

He is such a handsome boy with a very sweet personality!  We are so happy to have him as part of our family!

The Gaab Family - Elk Grove

We bought two Golden Retrievers from Tez one year ago.  They are such great dogs, wonderful temperaments and very smart.  We have two boy retrievers, and they play together and love each other so much.  We also have two small children, and they are great with them.  We always get compliments on how well behaved and beautiful our retrievers are. Tez was so nice and easy to work with. I highly recommend buying a dog from her.
Duncan Family - Orangevale

Our handsome boy, Brinkley, comes from Sadie’s first litter. What an amazing experience it was to work with Tezra! She allowed us to take our time and get to know Sadie and indulged my overly playful interactions with mom and pups to get a feel for which pup wanted to come be with us. There was no pressure to hurry the process. Further, she did a great job fielding her own questions to establish puppies were going to a good home and good fit for them as well! In fact, her whole family helped with the puppies and were a huge part of their loving first 8 weeks of life. I loved that the pups were exposed to family environment from the start! 

Upon pick up, which was flexible and well coordinated, Tezra had all the vet records, AKC papers ready, and truly provided families the best experience experience in bringing home a new family member!

My Brinkley boy is almost two and I still remember how awesome it was to bring him home! I can only provide the highest recommendations for them as a breeder!

Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our family!

Lawson-Braithwaite Family - Sacramento

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.