Meet Sadie

Our Sadie Girl

Meet Sadie.  She is our four year old English Cream Golden Retriever.  She is a beloved member of our family with the best disposition.  Sadie is definitely a velcro dog.  Like every golden retriever she wants to be right by your side at ALL times.  She’s never happier than when she has your undivided attention.  She is the most sweet natured dog I’ve ever met.  She’s gentle and loving.  Her temperament has always been laid back and easy-going, a hallmark of the English Cream Golden Retriever.  She was an amazingly calm puppy!!!

Her coloring is on the cream end of the spectrum and she comes from a line of working and therapy dogs.  She is very intelligent and eager to please.

Meet Jackson


Jackson lives in Yuba City with his family.  He is an absolutely stunning dog.  Pure white with an easy-going temperament, we fell instantly in love with him at our first meeting.  He has an impeccable pedigree and comes from great breeding lines.