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by | Jan 2, 2016

A sample of one of the newsletters we send to our puppy families starting in week FOUR.  This helps our families get to know our pups which is especially helpful when it comes to week SIX – PICK DAY!

Updates on the whole litter just for you, our puppy families.
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Hello Puppy Families!

I know not everyone regularly checks the Facebook page, so I hope you don't mind that I created this newsletter and added you to it.  This newsletter goes out exclusively to the families of our 2016 litter.  I'd like to use it to send you photos and updates on all of the puppies.  I will be describing in detail all the puppies personalities weekly and this will hopefully be helpful to you in making puppy picks come February 21st.

Beloved English Cream Facebook Page
PONGO (Black)

Mr Pongo is my 14 year olds favorite puppy so he gets LOTS of cuddle time.  He is very light in color with a gorgeous blocky head.  He's the most confident of the boys, the first to adventure out and very playful.  He has one tiny spot on his nose where his pigment hasn't filled in and we think it's adorable.

Mr. Charming is just a shade darker than Pongo and Flounder.  He is similar in size and shape with flounder but a bit more easy going (so far - this can change by next week).  He's a very chill laid back guy, always looking for a lap.  He will snuggle right in and gaze adoringly into your eyes.
LADY (Hot Pink)

Little Lady is happiest in a lap or cuddled up with mom.  She likes to be in the middle of the action and if she finds herself alone, she isn't happy.  Today the puppies were on the lawn and we were sitting on the porch.  She sat between us and cried because she couldn't decide who she wanted to be with more.  She is a shade darker than the lightest pups.
DORY (Blue)

Ms Dory is Lilo's best friend and the other girl full of personality.  When I picture her in my head it's with her front paws down and her tail wiggling in the air as she's pouncing something or someone.  Her color is a bit darker than Lilo but she is still very light.  She is my 13 year old's favorite and gets lots of one on one time.
ARIEL (Green)

Ariel has always been the biggest of the bunch.  She has gorgeous conformation and is a pleasant mixture of playful and sweet.  She has the cutest curly ears and is one of the darker pups.  Wall-E, Aurora and Ariel are probably the three cream colored pups.  She's another confident one that likes to explore.
DARLING (Purple)

Darling is simply beautiful.  From the shape of her eyes and face to her coloring, she is beautiful.  She's another that has a good mix of playful personality and sweetness.  She paws at your leg until you pick her up for some love.

Mr.  Flounder is the other super light male.  You can see he isn't quite as blocky as pongo but he is still a hefty guy and one of the largest of the crew.  He is super adventurous and playful with an AMAZING personality.  He's a retriever 100% and likes to trot around with sticks and leaves in his mouth.
Wall-E (Brown)

Mr Wall-E is one of my favorites.  He's always been the littlest in the litter and I love his cute little face.  His disposition is just so amazingly sweet.  He's quiet and contemplative.  While the rest of the litter is wrestling around playing, he sits serenely in the midst observing them all.
LILO (Red)

Ms. Lilo is full of personality!!  She is also one of my favorites.  Super light in color and with the cutest face she is absolutely gorgeous.  She's a feisty little girl and usually the one trying to wake up all the others up to play.  When no one wants to play she'll attack the blankets.  She has a super cuddly side too and loves to be held.  She, Dory and Pongo are the first to greet you at the door.
AURORA (Lt Pink)

Ms Aurora is the darkest of the girls, with more of a cream color.  She's also one of the sweetest.  This girl is very similar in temperament to Wall-E, content to hang back and observe.  My 17 year old, Alorah has a definite connection with this sweetheart and Aurora will probably be a brainiac as they do lots of homework together.
ALICE (Lt Blue)

Sweet, sweet Alice is my other favorite.  She is gorgeously white and simply the sweetest girl in the crew.  This little girl is friends with everyone and LOVES to be held and petted.  If you are sitting amidst the puppies she's the first one into your lap and asleep.  My 10 year old adores that fact as she is his favorite too.
The Girls
Lilo, Ariel, Aurora, Darling, Lady, Alice, Dory
Lilo, Ariel, Aurora, Darling, Lady, Alice, Dory
The Guys
Pongo, Flounder, Charming, Wall-E
Pongo, Flounder, Charming, Wall-E
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